Recruitment to the New Governing Bodies
Adam Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, Sussex CCGs

"We want to attract outstanding individuals to fulfil all the key roles on our Governing Bodies."

Adam Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, Sussex CCGs


Dear Colleague

Thank you for expressing an interest in being part of the Governing Bodies for the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) across Sussex – NHS Brighton and Hove CCG, NHS East Sussex CCG and NHS West Sussex CCG.

It is undoubtedly the case that this is a time of enormous positive change for the Sussex health economy. The decision to establish a new NHS East Sussex CCG and a new NHS West Sussex CCG, alongside a re-focused NHS Brighton and Hove CCG from the 1 April 2020 is a key part of that programme of change.

All the Sussex CCGs have been working in close alignment through a single management team for the past year. Consequently, we already have a common and consistent approach to commissioning and planning across Sussex. We have also aligned many of our support functions, such as governance, human resources, communications and engagement, quality and patient safety and financial systems.  

We have therefore already seen the benefits of the commissioning system coming together and see the establishment of a new commissioning landscape from the 1 April 2020 as the next logical step to enable a more strategic and focused approach to commissioning at place. These changes will also provide the framework to maximise the opportunities to do things once across the wider health and care system where it is most efficient and effective to do so.

Our critical task now is to appoint to the new CCG Governing Bodies which will formally become operational on the 1 April 2020. 

The CCG will be led by its Governing Body which plays a key role in the strategic oversight of the CCG and for the development of our vision and strategy, approving our commissioning plans and consultation arrangements, and monitoring the performance and quality improvement of our providers. Our Governing Bodies are also there to ensure that there is good governance and to promote a culture of strong engagement with patients, their carers, GP members, the public and other stakeholders about the activity and progress of the CCG.

We want to attract outstanding individuals to fulfil all the key roles on our Governing Bodies.  Each role carries with it a number of responsibilities common to all members of a unitary board as well as some role specific responsibilities and which are set out in the job description.  

Crucially we want to attract individuals to all these roles who have a real commitment to the NHS, who have a vision and passion for health care commissioning, who are strong team players and who want to see our CCGs grow and prosper so that we commission the best health care possible for all our populations.

We are commencing this recruitment process with the appointments for the Clinical Chair and the Lay Vice-Chair of NHS East Sussex CCG and will be followed shortly by the recruitment to the Governing Bodies of NHS West Sussex CCG and NHS Brighton and Hove CCG. The Clinical Chair has a unique role in leading the Governing Body, combining the duty to ensure effective governance, consistent with the Nolan principles and NHS values, with securing a long-term vision and strategy for the CCG. In leading the Governing Body, the Clinical Chair must visibly and consistently demonstrate a commitment to developing and maintaining a healthy organisational culture and environment built on trust; openness; honesty; integrity; and inclusivity, and which promotes collaborative, system-level leadership that is focused on the best interests of all patients and service users and the wellbeing of all staff. The Lay Vice-Chair will provide crucial support to the Clinical Chair and deputies for the Clinical Chair when required to do so.

If you are ready to step up to this unique challenge, we look forward to hearing from you.  

Adam Doyle
Chief Executive Officer, Sussex CCGs

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